Business Instructor Subscription

In business nothing is more important than the people who make the company successful.  Investing in them is investing in the soul of the company and its future.




Businesses that use this plan generally pay for their employees / students.  This space is generally used for onboarding, education, certifications or re-certifying, tests and exams and many other reasons. Our goal was to make it affordable for companies to use this space for virtually anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you want! It is a completely self-paced. Once you have paid to create the course you can take as long as you want to input and create the material for it. We suggest that you have some procedural framework in mind for uploading material, and marketing your courses to shorten the time curve. 

Your length of time to create courses is determined by the subscription for that course. If you pay monthly to use HOOL tools and to host your course then you are month to month for that course. For payment purposes each course is independent of any other course regardless of if the courses are interdependent. 

You have 7 days from the time you created the course and paid for it to seek a refund. You can use your administration panel in HOOL or confirmation email you received confirming payment to apply for a refund.