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If you are onboarding new employees, hiring seasonal staff or just looking to re-train your existing employees then here is where you want to do it. Here is were we help you create the courses you need to create the employee you need and want. Great employees are taught and groomed in the company culture.

These are courses held by companies generally in-house specifically designed for their employees. Browse to see if you find your company or a course that suits your needs.  Be aware that many of our corporate clients may keep their information private. Also keep in mind if it has been marked as private in which case you will need to contact your Corporate Instructor or company administrator for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses need ways to move forward that are seamless, effective and affordable. We are here to help.

HOOL is a platform built to help companies with employee relations. We have the ability to help with onboarding, testing and certifying employees.  With over 15 native tools you can use to work with employees in a live setting or a recorded environment we can make sure your message is clear and understood from the very start. 

Courses are available to your employees (students) for as long as you have a subscription with HOOL

There are two ways for your employees (students) to access your courses, and each way starts with the employees registering with HOOL first. 
After they have registered they may enter through an exclusive portal if you have opted for this option or they can search for your courses in the course list section of the site. 

The price is $49 per month per course. A month is considered any time over 7 days. We’ve really driven down the price so that all companies large and small can have access to this tremendous tool. 

What Makes HOOL Unique

Browse below to find really unique offerings. You may find what you were looking for even though you didn’t know you were even looking, hum! 

Learning where ever when ever is ok with us, and you can offer it too.

Having the ability to create mobile learning for your employees is a game changer. HOOL offers two really great ways to offer mobile learning to your employees.  HOOL’s LMS system is as robust and cutting edge as they come, so students naturally can have access to all of your lessons from their mobile devices at anytime to view or review, take quizzes or to take or turn in assignments. 

We also offer micro courses. Micro Courses are not stand alone and are part of a more detailed course offerings that are exclusively on your social media pages. These 10-30 sec clips are meant to serve as quick refreshers or tutorials curated by you. For more information please schedule a appointment.  

"If it's not on the calendar, It's not getting done"

This is the unfortunate reality of the modern business world. Luckily HOOL has the answer. The calendar that is built into HOOL integrates with most other calendars but is also accessible by both you and the student who can access it 24 hours a day by you and your students.

We have several native tools for you to use.

Find tools that you would like to mix and match with different courses you create. Some you may do live, others you record, some may have tests and some may have attachments for extra information. Really the choices are all up to you and they are all available in one place, HOOL LMS. 

Homework? You can.

If its homework, essays or just other documents if you need them include you can collect them information here.  

We show up in style

We’ve created a stylish look and feel to the Details Listing area. Take a look.

More than numbers. We touch lives, jobs and futures. Work with us to make amazing happen everyday!

– Cedric Joseph, Founder

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