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Frequently Asked Questions

We feel that there are two reasons most women,small,minority and veteran businesses fail. No access to knowledge and No access to the tools. We are changing that.

Courses come in three general types. Business, Educators and Starters.

courses are generally courses sponsored by companies and corporations for their employees. These courses could be for anything from onboarding a new employee to safety briefings and are generally prepaid for the students by the company.

Educators can be teachers, event speakers or test proctors and everything in between. The courses can be anything from CEUs, required learning from a professor or counselors. These courses generally require a subscription from the student or some form of  independent payment from the student to access the courses they need, but can also be prepaid by the Educator.

Starters are generally entrepreneurs that are independently creating and marketing courses and not on behalf of a larger organization. Starters generally require their students to independently purchase courses through a subscription or one time payment bases. Starters can also offer a limited number of free courses, but must also have a course purchase sharing agreement in place with HOOL. 

If a business pay for your access as a student then you have access as long as the company decides. If you have a subscription plan then access is based on how long you maintain the subscription. For, one time student course purchasers you have access to that specific course during the time the creator has determined the course will be available.  

To access courses you must register as a student.

Yes. Anyone can create courses, however they must be approved by HOOL course review board before they are published. 

We hate talking about ourselves but....

HOOL LMS is High Octane Online Learning Learning Management System. HOOL is an affordable fully integrated online learning management system, designed to be your company’s one place to train, evaluate, enlighten and educate. No matter if it is your entire potential or existing workforce, a teacher and student, self learning or continuing education credits, HOOL is designed with you in mind. For easy and convenient searching HOOL is divided into categories for you. HR (Human Resources), School, CEU’s, Fun Learn, Safety, Coaching & Masterminds, Seminars & Workshops and so many more categories designed to make it easy for you to find and use courses.

What we've set out to do for you.

What we do- Hool provides our customers with the portal and tools they need to build customized online learning and training modules for clients, employees or students. We work with you to develop fun interactive eye catching, interesting and engaging online courses and materials that engage students on every level. The Hool Platform has dozens of tools, that make creating even the most complicated or in-depth tests and quizzes a breeze to create, and the tools to analyze each students quiz accurately.

Who we are!

HOOL is part of the High Octane Solutions family. HOOL is a management portal designed to help clients of all sizes work more effectively with their pre and existing employees. High Octane uses technology to help level the playing field for businesses and their owners of all shapes and sizes. HOSI is an innovator of consulting and tool creation and utilization built to bridge the knowledge and technology gaps that exists between large and small companies. 

Courses published

More than numbers. We touch lives, jobs and futures. Work with us to make amazing happen everyday!

– Cedric Joseph, Founder

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